Industrial Hygienist Services

Workplace Exposure

Industrial Hygienist Services assess  hazards & evaluate exposure in the workplace. Workplace exposure includes exposure in occupational environments where the chemical substance is manufactured, formulated, and used commercially. In these settings the chemical substance is usually in a concentrated form, and the workers may be directly involved in handling it.

Industrial Hygienists (IH) Services

Industrial Hygienists are trained professionals who evaluate workplace hazards and exposure. They take into consideration the following in their assessment.

    • Characteristics of the facility to identify locations where exposure in most likely to occur
    • How the chemical substance is handled- in a open system, where the worker may have greater potential for contact, or a closed system, where the production vessels a sealed and exposure potential is reduced or eliminated
    • Population of exposure workers
    • Work assignments of exposed workers
    • Physical properties of the chemical substance, such as odor or irritation that might serve as a warning of unsuspected exposure and help limit exposure
    • Quantitative measures of exposure (amounts, duration), and occupational exposure limits
    • Potential for accidental exposure
    • Engineering controls designed to isolate workers from exposure
    • Behavioral controls, such as the use of personal protective equipment, designed to protect workers from inhaling or ingesting a chemical substance, or from dermal contact with the material

EDV can help your company in identifying hazards in the workplace that could result in injury or illness. We will point you to the most logical places to begin so we can  assess every location, job titles, and job tasks that can impact hazards.  We will review your accident and illness reports to to give you a complete picture of health.

    • Is there a work area that seems to have more accidents and injuries than others?
    • Is there a type of injury that seems to occur more frequently than others?
    • Evaluate the level of risk to help determine what controls to implement.
    • Select an appropriate solution to control the hazard and/or protect the employee.
    • Complete the Job Hazard Assessment form.

EDV’s IH Services

  1. EDV Performs the following Industrial Hygienist services:
    • Comprehensive Inspection
    • Comprehensive health Hazard Inventories/Assessment
    • Comprehensive Surveys
    • Industrial Hygienist Surveys
    • Health and Safety Surveys
    • Sampling
    • Environmental Exposure Assessment
    • Worker exposure assessment
    • Specific IH surveys and special studies
  2. Indoor Air Quality Studies (IAQ) which include:
  3. Conduct health hazard evaluation of the work area.
  4. Assess the work area to discover cause of non-specific symptoms.
  5. Conduct all sampling required to make IAQ determined
  6. Complete HHIM
  7. Conduct new construction/retrofit IH evaluations studies
  8. Conduct Design Review studies
  9. Noise Dosimetry Studies
  10. Ventilation Studies