ISO 14001

Environmental Management Systems/ISO 14001 Consulting

EDV, also provides a range of environmental management services that include:

  • Gap analysis, planning, design, implementation and environmental management system (EMS) maintenance, including ISO 14001-based EMS.
  • Environmental, health and safety performance benchmarking and performance metrics
  • Integrated EHS and quality systems
  • EMS auditing, including ISO 14001-based EMS, using our certified auditors
  • EHS compliance assurance and permitting support
  • Pollution prevention/energy efficiency

EDV’s unique staff experience blend, which includes environmental science, environmental law and policy environmental health and safety, engineering, and business management, allows development of customer solutions that are truly strategic and customized. EDV will provide the expertise to effectively and efficiently provide mechanisms to allow sustainable management and growth within your organization.

A progressive, full service data validation and environmental consulting company specializing in Total Environmental Quality

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a standard within the ISO 14000 group of standards. It is an Environmental Management System developed by the International Standard Organization. Its implementation helps a company to meet and comply with Federal and Local regulations and improve its environmental performance globally. The ISO 14000 standard is the first internationally accepted standard for Environmental Management. It is voluntary and can co-exist with other laws and regulations.

The Audit Team

The audit team is comprised of EMS Lead auditors, EMS auditors and EMS provisional auditors.

What the Audit Team Will Do

The audit team, under the leadership of the lead auditor, will evaluate your company by carrying out a gap analysis. This analysis will determine where you are and what needs to be done to successfully implement the ISO 14001 EMS. Your company will then be provided with a report outlining what is in place and any additional steps or processes that must be taken for successful completion. The company will then be assisted with implementation.