Environmental Analytical Data Validation Services

Environmental Data Validation, Inc. consists of a professional group of scientists who will review and validate all your organic and inorganic analytical data in an efficient, yet fast manner to meet your turnaround time. We will also perform Database Management.

As a laboratory or an engineering group, you have invested large sums of money in sample analysis, and expect a very high quality of data. We will review and validate your data to make certain that you get what was paid for and provide you with on analytical limitations of the data based on specific quality control criteria.

We utilize the National Functional Guidelines for Organic and Inorganic data review complied by the USEPA: this makes our review very comprehensive. Modification to these documents as well as EPA Region Specific requirements are also utilized on a project specific basis.

What We Review and Address:

  • Entire data package: data review results, Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP).
  • The overall assessment of the data package is a brief narrative in which we express our concerns and comments on the quality and if possible, usability of the data.
  • Any technical problems which were not previously addressed.
  • If appropriate information is available, we may assess the usability of the data; this is to assist the data user in avoiding inappropriate use of data.
  • We validate for all matrices such as soil, water, tissue, swipes and air.

What Actions We Take:

  • Use professional judgement to determine if there is any need to re-qualify or qualify data which was not qualified based on the Quality Control criteria established by the EPA guideline.
  • Submit a brief narrative to give the user an indication of analytical limitations of the data; any inconsistency of the data with the Sample Data Group (SDG) narrative is also noted.
  • Update Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) with data validation qualifiers, if applicable.

We provide data review and validation service in the following areas:

  • Organics (VOA, SVOA, explosives, pesticides, PCBs, herbicides etc.)
  • Inorganics & Wet Chemistry (Metals, cyanides, mercury, Anions etc.)
  • Radiological or Radiochemical
  • Dioxins and Furans
  • PCB-congeners (all 209)
  • PFAS or PFCs
  • Database Management of all your Analytical data

[separator]Please contact us for all your data validation needs at info@edv-inc.com.