Exposure Assessment

EDV can help with your assessments. An exposure assessment falls under the category of; contact of organism (humans) with a physical or chemical agent. The magnitude of exposure measure or estimate (qualitative or quantitative) and the amount of agent available at the exchange boundaries.

“Magnitude of exposure, frequency, duration, and the route of exposure”

EDV will do a root analysis of how often, for how long they were in contact with the substance, and how much of the substance they were in contact with, identifying the pathway by which toxic ants may reach individuals, estimating how much of a chemical an individual is likely to be exposed to, and estimating the number of individuals likely to be exposed (e.g., skin, lung tissue, gastrointestinal tract) through physical or biological processes is not known.

EDV Exposure Assessors will consider; past exposure(s) future exposure(s) present exposure(s) to determine dose-response relationships. Since exposure to chemicals is usually inadvertent, this quantity is often called potential dose. We will do a Qualitative evaluation of the sire and surrounding populations with respect to those characteristics that may have influenced the exposure.